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Emily Rittenberg, M.Ed., M.A.  

Parent+Life Coach, Counselor, Educator

Emily Headshot Final-0438Kids are not born with manuals yet somehow parents feel the expectation to know how to handle all sorts of situations that arise.

Challenging, yet normal, behaviors in children are the ones that need the best parenting and are prime moments to improve connection and teach new skills.  We work with parents who need support and tools to help their home be a sanctuary of peace and connectivity so that all members of the family can function to their greatest abilities.  At Nurture, we give parents and their child relational skills that both will use for the rest of their lives while helping parents meet their child’s fundamental needs more effectively.

Our services are researched-based, non-judgemental, and completely confidential.

We can help you parent kids of all ages and issues including:

  • setting and maintaining to boundaries
  • developing and sticking to routines
  • young child issues of sleeping, tolieting, eating, and transitions
  • dealing with tantrums or other “big” emotions
  • chores, discipline, anxiety
  • screen time issues
  • becoming a more conscious and mindful parent
  • teaching mindfulness to your children
  • nurturing intrinsic motivation
  • identifying “code red” behaviors
  • …and so much more.  

We work with parents of tots, teens, and everything inbetween!

We offer private coaching (over the phone/FT/Skype or in-home), seminars, and facilitated small-groups to help caretakers gain the tools and awareness for how they can help their children and feel happier in the process.  Free consultations are available by contacting us at (585) 420-8838 or emily@nurturefamilyeducation.com.

About Emily
: I am a Coach and Counselor who synthesizes Conscious Parenting and Mindfulness to help parents directly with the problems they are facing with their kids. I recieved my Master’s degree in Counseling (School-focused) from the Loyola University of Maryland and my Bachelors degree in Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh.  I live in Rochester, NY with my husband, 2 boys, and sweet golden retriever.

If you need parenting support, I am here for you! 585-420-8838 emily@nurturefamilyeducation.com

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